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About Us


At Jainco Limited, we take pride in our uncompromising integrity in exceptional customer experience and quality assurance, and throughout our legacy of more than 3 decades we have made sure to serve each and every client with transparency, reliability, and a proven commitment. Further to provide real-estate development, consultancy, and investment service of the highest calibre.

Founded in 1987 by Sh. Parveen K. Jain, Jainco Limited has made it’s position in the market as one of the top real-estate consultant and developer in Delhi-NCR, and not only this but most trusted and reliable name in East Delhi. With Jainco Limited as a consultant, the client benefits from decades of experience, stellar reputation in the industry, and commitment to endeavour best quality services by smarter choices, better planning, faster timing, and zero hassles. And with Jainco Limited as a developer, the client can be rest assured of being with a knowledge-driven leader where there is delivery on time, delivery as promised, delivery made to order, and unrelenting focus on quality.

The company has some stunning numbers which proves it’s ascendancy like 15,000+ properties sold along with 250+ projects delivered (20+ Lakhs Sq.Ft. Area Developed), and resulting this, today Jainco Limited is backed by 50,000+ happy customers.


Our mission declares our idea and purpose as a company is to keep our position as one of the top real-estate company in Delhi-NCR while striving to be counted among the top in whole national sector. Thus we plan to achieve it by furnishing the world-class facilities to all our prospective clients and not only fulfil their expectations but exceed it. This whole process can be and will be achieved by one single key TRANSPARENCY.


Our aim is to set our own benchmark for real-estate consultancy and development by providing all kinds of developments to our clients at par with international standards so as to achieve quality standards & lifestyle keeping in mind the price line within affordability range. Further we sight to create best work environment within our zone to bring out the greatest of our employees which will be beneficial for the company as well as for themselves.

The Jainco Standard

Jainco stands for transparency, quality, and commitment in the market it serves. The group since its inception believes in creating and following the highest possible standards - in its business and in its people. We believe that our experience and robust service results in the best deal to cater our clients requirement. We call our reputation for striving to be the best in whatever we do and achieving the impossible, as the Jainco standard.


Principles -

  • Jainco understands the pulse of the market and mental space of its prospective clients.

  • Jainco creates positive human impact through responsible enterprise.

  • Jainco has deep market knowledge and know-how customer preference and uses it to maximize returns and great deals for its clients.

  • Every Jainco employee on-board assures delivery of value system offering selfless, trustworthy, and reliable relationship throughout the transactional experience and is eminent example of Jainco Standard, and group’s most valuable asset.

  • Jainco believes that the key for customer satisfaction is Post-Sales Services and endeavour to exceed customer expectation.


Jainco Limited

Parveen K. Jain
Founder & CMD

The seed of Jainco Group is sown by our humble yet visionary Founder & CMD Mr. Parveen K. Jain. His farsightedness to see the enormous growth in real estate industry in Delhi-NCR and efficiency to build a life-long family-like relationship with all our clients has resulted in what Jainco Group is today.

He has devoted more than three decades in real estate industry and has knowledge of all sorts to take the group to new heights. The company today is known for it exceptional service and construction quality, and with his continued guidance and support the group is able to achieve remarkable success and attain a respected place in the industry.

He believes in success off all and takes the whole team forward along with him by effective and efficient delegation of work. Today, we Jainco Limited are very proud and lucky to be led by such a dynamic leader.

Jainco Limited

Vaibhav Jain
Managing Director

Vaibhav, has completed his Masters in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Management from University of Nottingham, U.K. and joined the company full-time in the year 2016. However, he was involved with the company and its matters part-time since 2012. He always had zeal to join the company and take it forward since childhood. Having a skill-set like of his father, he was well in no time able to make an influential position in the company as well as the market.

He is actively managing the portfolio of the company by investing in the real estate, financial market instruments, and other assest classes. He has not only given a new perspective in doing day-to-day business but also very amicably pursued a mix of tradition and modern approach to give pace to achieve the goals of the group.

Further, with the aim of taking the group to new heights and following the foot-steps of his father, he has taken forward the construction wing of the group. And with all this, one more gem has been added to the Jainco Group Family.

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