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Corporate Social Responsibility

Jainco Group

At Jainco Limited - sustainability as a function of Corporate Social Responsibility is our primary priority. We define our existence as a balance between Corporate Economic Responsibility (CER) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The focus of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs hence is empowering all to benefit all, wherein empowerment becomes a process of strengthening all the communities we exist. Corporate Social Responsibility ensures that wealth & value are created for all, so that risks are minimized all around, in order to enhance certainty in the business.

The focus areas of Jainco Limited CSR programs are education, health and environment. We are committed to application of our collective knowledge, resources and energies to the solve the challenges we all face at our workplace, our environment and our communities in a sustainable and equitable manner.

We focus especially on:

  • Bettering education in our communities, to open limitless opportunities for future generations to gain professional and personal growth.

  • Lessen the negative environmental footprint in every task we embark.

  • Sustainability as an operational creed so that we have a future to build.

  • Embracing sustainability reduces costs and generates enhanced value while ensuring that our own business will continue to thrive.

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