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Benefits of owning a house during Covid-19

26th May'20 | Jainco Group

Real Estate Investment During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has now become a truly global phenomenon with billions of people across the globe living under some sort of lockdown. The short-term human and economic impacts are undeniable as people stay home, majority of offices and shops are closed, and the production has taken a plunge. Once the risk to human life has reduced and steps are taken towards a fully productive economy, it is worth spending time forecasting what could 'new normal'.

The current lockdown owing to the coronavirus crisis has hugely impacted the world economy, consequently, most sectors - manufacturing or service have been affected badly and India is no such exception. All industries including the real estate sector are now working way out by innovating and strategizing plans to achieve results. According to market experts, home buyers face an unprecedented advantage as they hold more leveraging power to negotiate deals, can utilize lower interest rates and flexible payment plans.

Benefits of investing in Real Estate during COVID-19

  • Low interest loans can save the buyer huge sums of money
  • You can get better deals with negotiation
  • There are plenty of ready-to-move in properties
  • Feasible Payment Plan
  • Real Estate offers a tangible asset with lowest risk compared to other asset classes

Wise to invest in Real Estate during such a Global Crisis?

Considering the impact on the stock market globally as well as in India, real estate provides a safer investment option, long term returns with value growth, cost savings on rent. This is the time to invest in real estate by being an opportunist and making the best of this situation. Remember, money is made when you buy and not when you sell, and with the plethora of advantages available to buyers as of now, this golden opportunity should be utilized to one’s advantage.

Currently, we are in a dip in the market and the astute will not let this opportunity leave them. It is only expected for real estate to experience stronger capital growth while being a more secure investment. At the end, it is all about timing and it couldn’t be better to invest in your financial independence through real estate

Safe and Secure Investment

Why to invest in real estate now instead of sometime later, when things are stable?

Earlier, Consumers were reluctant to invest in real estate, based on shorter returns, a higher rate of interest on home loans and the argument that it is cheaper to rent than buy a house. However, since the conditions are adverse outside, the coronavirus pandemic that we are facing right now will change the mindset.

For starters, it will be favourable for the people to have ownership of the house, it simply brings an unmatched sense of security in their minds. As discussed above, the loan rates have diminished drastically to save them some money.

Also, most importantly, real estate is not paper money, this is the asset you can hold tangibly which further enhances its reliability and return on investment.

As economies expand, the demand for real estate drives rents higher and this, in turn, translates into higher capital values which make real estate a secure investment in that sense.

Timing plays a crucial role when one is considering investing in real estate and now is the favourable time and put it through action. Financial security is foremost on people’s minds and one must deploy their money through multiple avenues. In the given situation, real estate offers you the best bet — stability, security and safety.

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